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A Line of Credit, also called an Overdraft, is an on-going facility designed to provide access to additional funds when needed.

What is it?

Unlike a traditional loan which has a fixed term and repayment agreement, a line of credit operates like a credit card letting you access funds when needed up to your credit limit.

You can draw funds and pay them back at any time and redraw those funds again and again and again!

Features & Benefits

  • Flexible - Use your limit when needed without having to "apply" each time
  • Adaptable - Stay prepared to take advantage of opportunities
  • Capital - Provides you with extra funds when needed
  • Interest - Only payable on the amount you owe, not the total limit
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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to apply?
What limit can I expect?
What costs are involved?
How long to get an approval?
When do I get access to the limit?
Am I eligible to apply?

You are eligible to apply if:

   1. Your average monthly turnover is at least $10,000

2. Your ABN has been active for at least 9 months

What limit can I expect?

Typically your limit will be 10-15% of your annual turnover/sales.

Example - If your annual sales are $500,000 then you are likely to be approved for $50k-$75k.

What costs are involved?

There is no cost to apply and no obligation to proceed with an approval.

Each application is specific to the individual business so we are unable to outline exact costs until your application has been assessed and approved.

Once your application is approved, you will be provided with a complete outline of all costs so that you can make an informed decision to proceed or not.

How long to get an approval?

Generally within 2-8 business hours once the application is completed!

When do I get access to the limit?

Once you have accepted the loan offer, the limit will be setup the same day, so you will be able to access the limit the next business day!

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