Frequently asked questions

Do you offer a free consultation?

Yes, we would be delighted to discuss your requirements and let you know if we think we we can assist.

No cost or obligation to proceed, so reach out and pick our brains!

What are your fees?

Generally, we do not charge you for our services as we are paid by the lender who gets your business.

If your proposal is likely to require us to charge you a fee, then we will outline that to you upfront prior to any fee being payable by you!

We are NOT in the business of charging for no service or no outcome!

How long are your quotes valid for?

This depends on the type of loan you need.

At present quotes are usually only valid for <7 days!  Our quote will confirm this to you.

How long does an approval last?

This depends on the type of loan, but approvals are usually good for 30 - 180 days.

We will also outline this on our approval advice.

I'm self employed for less than 2 years so what are my options?

It is challenging to get finance when you are in the first 2 years, but we have a number of options available for and are happy to discuss these with you.  Again, no cost or obligation of course.

Do I need to own property to apply?

No.  Even if you or your business do not own property we are still happy to discuss how we can assist with your requirements.

What documents do I need to provide?

The documents we need from you will vary depending on your application, but you can expect that we will need the following as a minimum:

1. Your drivers licence

2. Your Medicare card

3. Trust Deed (if you have a trust)

Why do you have so few reviews after so long in business?

Up until recently we had only asked for feedback from our clients but now we see the value in having independently collected reviews to provide transparency to our future clients (you hopefully).  So whilst our total number of public reviews is low, our time in business speaks loudly by itself.

My question isn't listed here

Please get in touch with us by any of the following options:

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3. Use our online chat which is available during our business hours (Monday-Friday 9am-5pm)

4. Book a consultation with us via the button below

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